#Humabeing #TeamNuun

Last year I learned a ton about trail running and the ultra community. Part of that included race nutrition and electrolyte replacement. These are key tools in every ultra runner's toolbox. We probably spend hundreds of dollars each year on gels, bars, sports drinks, salt caps; not to mention all the race registrations or a … Continue reading #Humabeing #TeamNuun

2019- new year, new race schedule

What's up?! Hope you hit the ground running in 2019! The new year is finally here, and that means it's time to start planning your racing schedule....actually that time has already passed. I'm certainly no expert in planning a race schedule. I learned the hard way that you need to plan for 2019 well before … Continue reading 2019- new year, new race schedule

Brooks Cascadia 13 GTX: Review

The Brooks Cascadia 13 trail running shoe is the latest rendition of the Cascadia model. With a 3D printed rugged outsole and added cushioning compared to the previous model, you'll be able to tackle the gnarliest of trails without beating up your feet. The outsole molding is carried up to sides and toe of the … Continue reading Brooks Cascadia 13 GTX: Review